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The new iPad is available for free instead of paying over £600 for the top model.

October 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Since the initial launch of the iPad all of the 3 different versions have stayed about £500 price tag. There are possible methods to get a totally free iPad and many individuals have been interested to find out more. Because these offers are on-line it’s very essential to make sure that you check the web site out, as not all websites have truthful intentions.

It was correct however and I shall tell you how I really did get a totally Free iPad. The very first thing I did was search for web sites that were providing totally free iPads. There were quite a few around however the ones that were genuine authority websites had been obvious. They all required you to adhere to the same procedure and they all had genuine testimonials from people who had got an iPad for free. A few of the websites had genuine footage from respectable Tv programmes that had proved how the system worked.

You will find genuine companies giving away genuine gadgets like iPads for registering with them. You will find usually ways, once you know how, to sort the genuine web sites from the fake ones.

Advertising companies function with freebie sites to introduce individuals to goods and services with out marketing. Businesses are happy to spend for other companies to refer individuals to their goods or services and this really is how everybody wins. Due to the expense on Tv and radio marketing, companies have had to rethink their advertising methods. Every new customer is new company so they are pleased to spend individuals to bring individuals to their website to attempt their products.

Following I had spent my £5 (and no much more!), I had completed the second part from the process. The last step was really easy, I just had to get individuals I knew to do exactly the same factor. So I asked my parents to register using the freebie website and do a deal with one of the companies. They did so and decided to get the DVD rental trial. Once they saw how easy it was and that it didn’t price them anything they got their friends to complete it also. They all utilized my link though, so anytime they completed the two steps I got a twenty pound credit to my account. That’s how the system works. As soon as I had got up to 5 hundred pounds, that is the equivalent to twenty five individuals signing up and completing the promotions, I received my totally free iPad in the post.

Based on which version iPad you want, will depend on how many referrals you’ll need to make. I’d say you would need around twenty 5 referrals for a totally free iPad three. You’ll also see that on genuine sites there are testimonials from people who’ve received their free products. The Gadget Show has featured the freebie websites and is proof they work. Do not take my word for it of course, go and see for yourself and in a matter of weeks you can have got a new totally free iPad three. Lastly, your totally free gadget will be delivered to your door and is fully assured too!!

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(PDF) Portable Document Format files and the iPad

August 22, 2010 1 comment
The brand new Apple ipad tablet from Apple corp. is actually launched which is amazing! Right? Sadly there exists a little Pdf file dilemma. How to transfer a Portable Document Format data file to the apple ipad tablet? You can visit a internet link of a PDF file or view Pdf file format E-mail attachment directly. Nevertheless, people cannot download PDF files through safari. Here I will show you the best way to transfer PDF to ipad through Programs from Windows Desktop and also view PDF on iPad.

To begin with, you can find Good-Reader at apple itunes Store for around $.99. My PDFs is about the same price. On the other hand Good-Reader functions far better regarding significant PDF files. for that reason I am going to illustrate Good-Reader for an instance simply to walk you instruction by instruction.

Launch itunes and connect your ipad to your Windows Computer. And you will follow the instructions below:
1)Click to start your iPad
2)Go to the application tab
3)At this point scroll down to the application GoodReader
4)Decide on your chosen file from your iPad
5)And once added trigger the sync function by clicking on it. It’s easy to enjoy the documents with the GoodReader app.
Reading through a Portable Document Format file (Pdf file)

You will see a PDF document straightforward to read on the new iPad, Nevertheless the navigation isn’t actually the smoothest.
Appreciate reading and want to make positive changes to reading habits? Here comes iBooks. A free of charge application gives you a novel solution to read books. By using it, your entire e-book collection is simple to organize. What is more, you may largely enhance your reading experience with various fonts, as well as being able to change the size of these kind of fonts and adjust the lighting options.
You should also change brightness so that you would not stress your eyes. And reading a book on ipad is so easy and comfy, the same as reading through an actual book. If you find yourself reading something interesting or important, use the Bookmarking feature to focus on the text and consult this afterward.

I hope this has been helpful to you and you enjoy reading your ebooks from now on with your iPad device. Make sure you claim your Free iPad and then you can enjoy your ebook collection without paying out £500+ on the device in the first place.

Free stuff online fact or fiction?

June 16, 2010 6 comments

Over the last year I have heard so much about the site named “Freebiejeebies” and decided that as so many people were talking about it, I needed to do a little research to see exactly what all the hype was about. I was asked by a very close friend of mine to sign up to the Freebiejeebies website and I was told that if I did, I could be the proud owner of a brand new free iPhone! My scepticism had stopped me looking in the past as I was brought up to believe that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but on this occasion I had a spare bit of time and trusted my friend so decided to give it a go and just see what happened. My friend had built her own website to help her promote the freebie scheme and after watching some of the videos that she had posted from BBC news-night, G4 Magazine and CNN all saying that this IS in fact genuine, obviously I felt even more convinced and willing to give it a go!

Well I have to say, looking back now that has to go down as being one of the best moves I have EVER made as I am now the proud owner of a free iPhone, a free Nintendo Wii, a stunning black designer glass TV stand worth over £300 and currently in the process of claiming my very own free iPad! What started off as a sceptical bit of research has now turned into a favourite pastime of mine and I am now receiving free gifts from freebiejeebies that I really could have never afford otherwise!

I’m so excited by this I just had to share my findings with you and hopefully you will be claiming your very own free gifts extremely soon!

I followed my friends’ link and was directed to the freebiejeebies website where I was asked to fill out my personal information and join the scheme. This only took me a couple of minutes and I was then prompted to verify my account with them. Freebiejeebies sent me an email with a link to follow back to them as they needed to make sure my details were correct so they could start sending me my gifts. Once I had done this I was then asked to choose an offer to complete. Freebiejeebies have many different offers that you can sign up to, some require a small fee or deposit and others are completely free so I chose the free 14 day trial. Again I had to fill out my personal information with and I had to give them my card details as part of the process, but after a little research and speaking to members of the exceem website (a website where other members leave post showing the gifts they have received through freebiejeebies) I was assured that and all of the other companies on the freebiejeebies website use a very secure network when dealing with new customers so all of the information I was giving them was extremely safe, and not a penny would be taken from my account unless I decided to continue with the service after the 2 week free trial had ended!

After I had signed up to the 14 day free trial I was asked to choose the package I wanted with them and after that, I simply had to decide which movies I wanted to watch. You give them a list of your chosen movies and they send them out to you one at a time. As soon as you have watched the film you send it back and they send you the next one on your list and so on. I personally find a great service and after having my free trial with them have decided to keep on my account as it’s a great way of watching movies without the hassle of going to the video shop or worrying about late fees, but that’s just a personal choice and can be cancelled at anytime without any problems. Should I wish to cancel, all I would have to do is call them on their free phone number and cancel it. Simple!

Once I had completed the process of signing up with freebiejeebies and I was then able to start the process of getting my free iPhone which was amazingly delivered direct to my door, completely free of charge 4 and a half weeks later! Yes, after being a sceptic for so long I finally had the proof in my hand that I was wrong and that I really COULD get a free iPhone for nothing but a little effort and patience on my part! All I’d had to do was ask people to sign up to freebiejeebies and complete a free offer just like I had using the personal link I was given when I joined, and every person that did it counted as 1 referral towards my free iPhone! It was so simple I couldn’t believe it! After explaining the process I found that family and friends were more than willing to sign up as it wasn’t costing them anything to do a free trial and they were happy to know that I was going to get a free iPhone if they did it for me!

In brief, Freebiejeebies are an affiliate marketing company and they work on behalf of other companies to get them new customers. Instead of spending thousands of pounds on marketing campaigns, these companies would rather pay individually for each potential new customer they receive and this is why they can give away such cool gifts to me and you. Freebiejeebies are paid around £60 for each referral they get and pass on to the company so in turn; they will give us £20 toward a free gift or £17 if you decide you’d rather have a cash alternative, and you get this for each and every referral you pass onto them. Everybody wins! The company has its potential new customer so is making money, freebiejeebies are getting paid for passing these potential new customers onto them, and WE get a slice of the action for passing it on to them! It’s a WIN WIN WIN situation all round!

I am now only a few referrals away from my brand new free iPad and I have to say I can’t wait! I love my free iPhone and my partners little boy had a wonderful Christmas when he opened up his Nintendo Wii which I have to say, he wouldn’t have got had it not been for FreebieJeebies as we didn’t have the money to go out and buy it for him. I have to admit I had my doubts when I first heard about FreebieJeebies but when you have such an expensive item as the iPhone is in your hands, and it has been sent out to you completely free of charge, it’s impossible to deny that this really is a genuine scheme! I would certainly recommend FreebieJeebies to anyone who wants to own a free iPhone or Free iPad, I have mine thanks to them and hopefully soon, you will too!!