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Apple corporation. What I like and dislike about them

Over recent years Apple corp. Have been in the news for some of its latest products, I just wanted to air my views about some of the things I think they get right and some things which I dislike.
First of all I suppose my list of dislikes is shorter than the likes list, my main grip is the lack of freedom with its products and downloaded music, encryptions and restrictions so that you always have to buy from Apple themselves, this I never like about any company as Dell computers are very similar and after once buying a computer setup from Dell I will never do this again as Ink for the printer, spare parts and even some leads must be then bought from Dell. I am digressing a little so will get bact to Apple, my second gripe is the price of Apple products and even though they are well made are still very expensive for what they are. I solved my problem ade don’t pay for my Apple products anymore and have a Free Apple iPad and currently on my way to receiving a Free iPhone 4 as parting with my hard earned cash is not an option for myself.
One thing that annoys me rather than disliking is hearing the Apple geek drone on about how the Mac is so superior and the security is so fantastic, let me put these people straight.

1. First of all there ARE viruses around for the Mac.
2. The only reason there are not more is that Apple only have a tiny market share so its not worth the hassle for virus programmers to target them…..Yet!
3. Apple make out that the machines defend their selves better to sell more computers and if Apple get a larger share of the market, hey guess what the infections would grow massively in a short space of time.

That’s about it for the negative stuff and I will now compliment the company on some of the things I think they excel at. First and foremost is the innovative products and excellent build quality of their recent product ranges, (I will not mention the iPhone 4 reception fiasco right now, oops just did sorry a little negative slipped out).

• The iPhone is probably the leading Smartphone in the world bar non
• The iPod Touch is a great interactive hand help mP3
• Last but not least the iPad, although missing a few features (which I think we will see in the next generation iPad, and personally I feel have been held back to sell more next generation iPads in the very near future.

To sum up my feelings I would say that Style, build and features on most Apple products are superb but they come with a hefty price tag and a few restrictions, but overall I believe they are leading the technology market with innovation and style.

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